Bat Music - a new composition for a good cause.

When it is difficult in times of COVID and lockdown to get any live performances (or commissions) of new works, I have found another unlikely outlet for my composing - the website of the ecological group Sustainable Warminster.

This organisation has made several recordings of local bats to highlight the variety of local bat species (some very rare), the number of colonies, and the plight of these colonies in the 21st century. The recordings have been slowed down considerably to bring them with the range of human hearing, and several sympathetic local musicians and composers have used them as the basis for new works in a variety of genres. 

To hear my piece, The Last Pipistrelle, and the other pieces in this series please go to

In case you are interested, I plan to tell the story of the composition of my piece and explain some of the compositional techniques used in my upcoming vlog: Musician at Work.

Stay safe,